i don’t hate you, i love you, but, i don’t like when you texting me like that,it’s like you never care what i say, i say something, you just laughing. you think it’s funny?


on my bucketlist: go on a date here one day

Thankyou to be there for me when i need you (˘⌣˘)ε˘`)

We all make mistakes. So don’t act like you’re better than someone else.

If you want me, show me. If you need me, tell me. If you have me, love me. If I’m worth it, fight for me. ♥

for someone who i hate so damn much!

What the fucking girl are you? i hate you like i hate Cockroachs. i don’t want to see you! i hate thats moment when we met, and when we’re talking. you should you looking your fucking face on your mirror !

aaaaa….. kerennnnnn

love this video so mucchhhhh <3.<3